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Artropads are made up of multiple layers of paper that are carefully cut and stacked on top of each other. Each layer has a different design or pattern. As you start using the notepad and gradually remove sheets of paper, the design that was initially hidden beneath the top layer starts to become visible.

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Omoshiroi Block - Artropad

3D Sakura Treehouse Calendar 2024 Omoshiroi Block

Price: $86.99

Package Included:

• 1 x Omoshiroi Block

Product Features:

• Material: Paperboard

• New and high quality

• 365 days Mini Desktop Calendar

• Suitable for Wedding & Engagement, Birthday Party, House Moving, Children’s Day, New Year, Earth Day.

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5 - Artropad


Wonderful quality of paper. I didn’t use it much yet so I don’t see the tree yet but just for the paper, it’s worth the price, it’s thick and smooth and it shimmers with glitters! No regrets!

7 - Artropad


Very accurate packaging, very good product, no defect,. I have not tried the lighting yet because first I have to peel off all the sheets

6 - Artropad


Really cute, as described! I could not resist and I immediately removed all the slips!

4 - Artropad


This was exactly what was displayed. Very thrilled. Will look great. Thanks.

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The Omoshiroi Block Notepads gained popularity due to their innovative design and the element of surprise they offer as you reveal the hidden shapes. They make for intriguing gifts and are often kept as display pieces after all the pages have been used.

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MAGICAL memo pads - Artropad

What is Artropad?

Artropad, also known as “Omoshiroi Blocks”, or “Omoshiroi Memo Pads,” are a type of stationery that originates from Japan. These unique notepads are famous for their intricate and artistic designs that reveal three-dimensional objects as you gradually use the notepad. They are a delightful combination of functional writing tools and intricate paper art.

Here’s how Omoshiroi Block Notepads typically work:

Layered Paper Construction: Each notepad consists of multiple sheets of paper stacked on top of each other. These sheets have varying colors and patterns.

Intricate Designs: The top sheet features an intricately cut design or pattern. This design is often concealed initially, hidden among the layers of paper.

Revealing the Design: As you use the notepad and begin to tear off sheets to write or draw, the layers of paper are removed one by one. As sheets are removed, the intricate design starts to emerge.

Creating a 3D Sculpture: With each sheet removed, the design becomes more prominent and starts to form a three-dimensional shape. The layers are cut in such a way that the design appears to rise from the remaining stack of paper.

Artistic and Decorative: Once all the sheets have been used and removed, the result is an intricate and delicate paper sculpture that serves as both a functional notepad and an artistic decorative item.

Omoshiroi Block notepads have gained popularity for their unique and creative approach to traditional stationery. They make for great gifts and conversation pieces, combining practicality with a touch of art.